Local entities are the administrations closest to citizens and many citizens participate in the leisure activities that these entities offer to their neighbors. This closeness to the citizen and this meeting point that occurs between neighbors makes local entities a very important space to train people of very different ages and origins through leisure in respecting various cultural values, promoting inclusion social and create mutual learning environments. Through local entities, Living the 20’s aims to create learning synergies between the elderly and the very young within their municipalities.

Following the narrative thread of a fictional character from the town, multicultural and intergenerational workshops will be created in which both young and old can value and show their experiences of resilience, enhance multiculturalism and foster mutual respect. And doing it through this tool is a plus, since in addition to bringing the nearby history of the town and its linguistic turns, fostering the integration of all people in it, it allows to know the conditions that occurred in the 1920s and who turn to give our s days: economic crisis, high unemployment, precarious employment conditions, rising inequality, high levels of disaffection. Added to this is the rise of the extreme right in Europe and anti- European sentiment in the population.

This makes it possible to establish parallels between the twenties of the past century and the current one, as this project carries out, allowing the conditions in which totalitarianisms were born in Europe and the consequences of these to be known and providing the participants with tools that allow the detection of totalitarian and antidemocratic attitudes, as well as those that allow them to resolve conflicts peacefully through democratic values and mutual respect. Clara is the protagonist of a “historical cyber novel” that can be listened to, it can be read, or both at the same time. It is historical because for its elaboration the newspaper library has been consulted day by day and news or any other information that could somehow illustrate the socio-political and economic context of the time in which the story takes place has been incorporated into the story. The construction of the characters is made from real people who lived in Purchena in that decade and later.

To achieve these objectives we will develop, in collaboration with all partners, a series of workshops in which capacities are developed.
• Cybernovel Methodological Manual
• Workshop is intergenerational
– of languages
– experiences
– social media
These experiences can be exchanged between people from different European countries