Project reference number: 2021-RO01-KA210-ADU000034093

This is the story of Clarita, Conchita and Klarica. Three young people who tell us their experiences of the past to help us understand our present.

Following the narrative thread of these characters, multicultural and intergenerational workshops will be created in which young and old will be able to value and show their experiences of resilience, promote multiculturalism and encourage mutual respect. It also provides an insight into the conditions that existed in the 1920s and are still present today: economic crisis, high unemployment, precarious working conditions, increasing inequality, high levels of disaffection. Added to this is the rise of the extreme right in Europe and the anti-European sentiment of the population.
In this way, it is possible to learn about the conditions in which totalitarianisms were born in Europe and their consequences, providing participants with the tools to detect totalitarian and anti-democratic attitudes, as well as those that allow conflicts to be resolved peacefully through democratic values and mutual respect.


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