1.Cybernovel replication handbook

The objective of this activity is that each of the participants in the project can adapt the cybernovel to their own reality and historical and linguistic context. Purchena’s experience, who is currently developing it, is based on a previous experience in another city, Granada, where Diario de una albayzinera, 1920 has been developed. In Granada, this project is supported by broad support from civil society, the media and city institutions. Specifically from the Albayzín Neighborhood Association, local media, the city’s Artistic Center, the Modern Languages Center of the University of Granada, Local Radio Programs or the Granada City Council itself. This project establishes an ideal framework to develop different training activities on various issues with a diverse audience.

Thus, this cybernovela reproduces the “Granada speech” which is of great value in the cultural preservation of our expressions and linguistic turns, as well as a tool for the thousands of people who study Spanish in Granada to enrich their learning. The character of this novel connects by empathy with the various generational groups , based on the novel, pedagogical activities for the protection of heritage have been developed within the framework of the Gravite Festival, with places running out within a few hours of being available.
This accumulated experience and success in replicating in other cities is already a value in itself. The objective of this activity is to transfer this experience to our Romanian partners and to develop a similar model in each of the cities. To do this, a manual will be developed that includes the steps to follow for the development of the cyber novel and a day of replication of the same in which the process followed to create both the character and the structure of the cyber novel so that this project can be launched in any European town or city.

2. Creation of intergenerational workshops

The main content of this activity is the creation of an itinerary of intergenerational workshops, in which, having as a common thread the cybernovela created by each of the partners, the contents described in the previous sections are worked on.
For this, a series of workshops will be developed:
– Language and language workshop.
– Workshop of experiences . Europe in your life.
– Technological workshop.
The workshops will follow a specific methodology established in the guide published by the Provincial Council of Bizkaia, in which it is established that “Intergenerational programs enable experiences of relationship and cooperation between people of different ages, aimed at promoting the transmission and exchange of knowledge, competencies and values, and that in addition to enabling personal and group enrichment, they can actively contribute to community cohesion and development”.

The workshops must comply with the following items, established in the aforementioned guide :
– Relationship, cooperation, exchange: This type of program goes beyond bringing people of different ages or generations together as they involve interaction and mutual influence.
– Participation, experience: They imply active participation, since it is the experiential nature of the programs that makes the exchange of knowledge meaningful.
– Specific purpose: They have the intention of causing a change and therefore, they should not be confused with situations that arose by chance, they require a certain planning.
– Competences, community development: They generate value both for the people who participate in them and for the community in which they live. The learning they entail allows the development of basic competencies – integrating capacities, abilities, knowledge and values that activate responsible citizenship.